How to use our Service

  1. Check our listing to see if the vehicle manufacturer is present and the part number on the airbag module is one we can repair. 
    If the part number is not listed, please email us as we may be able to repair it. 
  2. Remove the airbag module as follows: 

    • Check vehicle manufactures instructions for your vehicle
    • Disconnect the battery negative lead and wait 2 minutes
    • Remove airbag module connector(s)
    • Unbolt airbag module
    • Reconnect battery


  3. All prices for airbag module resets/repairs are displayed in our listings. If you can't find your airbag module in our listing, please Contact us and provide the part number or a photo of the label. Return Express postage in Australia is $10.

    Payment may be made by:

    • Bank deposit
    Bank: Bankwest
    Acc Name: Raceevo
    BSB: 302162
    Acc No: 0954213
    • Credit card or Paypal account with the Buy Now' button (no Paypal account required for credit card payment)
    Select price (excluding postage)
  4. Post your airbag module to:

RaceEvo Australia

20 Augusta Road

New Town TAS 7008


Remember to include a return address and contact details. 


On receiving your airbag module, we can usually complete repairs within 2 business days and return the module using Express Post for next business day delivery to most areas.


Please note that without an airbag module, the airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners will not be operable.